Mostafa Sarabi

Born 1983 Kermanshah, Iran
Lives and works in Tehran, Iran

MA in painting , from faculty of Art of shahed university

Solo Exhibition:
2009, Atashzad Gallery
2017, “Reminiscence“, Delgosha Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Group Exhibition:
2009, theran art expo, Artist forum, Tehran, Iran
2010, 5 th Visual Art Experimental festival Youth Art, Tehran, Iran
2011, “the sixth Annul new Generation choice”, Shirin Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2018, “Badha”, Delgosha Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2020, 'The sea, which can't be seen from the coast'. Delgosha Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Mostafa Sarabi

Badha ( بَدها )
Group show

Angels Of Chandelier
Mostafa Sarabi

Curated By Fereydoun Ave
Group Show

Spring Comes With Its Shadows
Group Exhibition 

The sea, which can't be seen from the coast
Mostafa Sarabi